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The Anxious Rebels

Jun 25, 2018

One of my biggest concerns when I started Mint Chip Rebel was wondering what people would think. I wondered if I would be judged for starting yet another venture when I wasn't able to take my prior on to success. 

Meg Brunson is a former Facebook employee turned solo business owner. While employed at Facebook, Meg expanded her knowledge and experiences, while maintaining her ability to simplify material so that bootstrapped businesses could promote like pros. The desire to be more present for her family (including 4 young daughters) influenced her decision to leave Facebook and return home to a life of entrepreneurship, where she currently leverages her insider secrets to help small businesses turn their Facebook Pages into profits.

Meg talks about how her past entrepreneurial ventures and how trying different options brought her closer to something she is truly passionate and loves doing. We talk about how to be more social on social media and how knowing your why, especially in those early months in, is critical to staying in the game. 

You can find Meg at

Come hang out with me on the 'gram: @mintchiprebel